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What are groups like?

Talking to strangers on the internet about your deepest-held problems might feel like a very strange thing to do, at first. It might take you a bit of time to feel able to open up and for some people, even making it to the group might be a big step. Speaking to others about our problems can be an extremely rewarding experience, however, and we can learn a lot when we listen to others.

Our facilitators have years of experience in facilitating and nurturing the environment needed for our support groups. We are there to not only encourage group members to explore their experiences but to also use our knowledge to provide insights into what we hear the group discuss.

  • Respect other's differences

  • Try to be open minded

  • Maintain confidentiality within the group

  • Be polite to everyone

These are the boundaries that we agree before the start of every group. Once we agree the group's boundaries, we move on to the topic that we have agreed to discuss, which might be through a question asked by the facilitator, or by one of the group members bringing their own thoughts. From there the group is free to discuss the topic or whatever comes to group members' minds.

We encourage a safe and facilitative environment and if any issues or disagreements arise in the group, we encourage the group to work through and resolve them together. We will not tollerate abuse or harrasment.

Our hope is that every group member leaves the group feeling like they gained something, be that insight into their difficulties or a new experience. We are always open to feedback and encourage group members to share their constructive feedback with us.

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