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Baby's Grasp

Parents without parents

This support group is designed for parents who have to manage their parenting endeavour with minimal support. You might find your life situation challenging due to estrangement from your own parent/s or other close family, or have complicated or difficult relationships with your parent/s or you may have lost your parents through bereavement, family breakdown or for other reasons.

The focus of the group is on the challenges of being a parent to children of whatever age without the resource of given family/family of origin (parents, siblings, aunts, uncles etc) to offer emotional or practical support.

Being estranged or cut off from a family member can be an isolating, shameful, and confusing experience. This can feel even more difficult and lonely if you are, or become, a parent without the resource of grandparents or aunties and uncles to support. Parenting can also remind us of our own childhoods and highlight feelings of loss and anger if we didn’t receive the love or attention we try to give our own children.

A support group can help by offering the opportunity to share the feelings about the experience of parenting without parents. We will focus on the experience of being isolated as a parent and use the support and understanding of the group to find ways to support ourselves better.

If you are interested in joining a group please get in touch using the form below or email us on

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